5 Reasons You Should Visit the Cisco Investments’ Theatre Sessions

At Cisco Live Barcelona, you’ll likely feel like a kid in a candy shop, exhilarated by all the delicious options. Let Cisco Investments’ Portfolio Companies tempt you with our fantastic lineup of theatre sessions.

Here are the top five reasons to join the sessions, network with tech luminaries, and learn about the biggest trends that Cisco is betting on.

  1. Amazing Thought Leaders

You won’t want to miss hearing from Stratoscale‘s CEO Ariel Maislos; he’ll lead a session on how Stratoscale delivers robust cloud building blocks to modernize and future-proof the enterprise on-prem environment, aligning it with the public cloud.

Customer success guru Dan Steinman of Gainsight, who literally wrote the book on the revolutionary discipline, will share in his session how post-sales teams are driving adoption, cross-sell, upsell, and maximizing renewal rates across their install base in the Age of the Customer.

  1. Best of Europe

Get the scoop on Europe’s emerging IoT scene directly from one of the UK’s most promising startups. EVRYTHNG discusses the coming revolution in how consumer products are manufactured and distributed in a connected world. The instrumentation of every physical thing will transform the way consumer products are manufactured, distributed and sold. EVRYTHNG will explore how this is happening at industrial scale and what it means for global brands.

Stockholm’s booming tech ecosystem is one of Europe’s best, rivaling that of Austin or Portland in the U.S. Swedish startup BehavioSec shares how behavioral biometrics — unique human gestures and rhythms — will redefine the way companies authenticate identities, without compromising user experience.

  1. Cities of the Future

Urban populations will grow to five billion people in the next 20 years, which means the Earth’s largest cities will face enormous challenges in enhancing their operations. In short, traditional cities must remake themselves as smart cities. Worldsensing leads the movement toward municipal capabilities to intelligently manage critical infrastructure, traffic congestion, or natural disasters like landslides and floods. Check out CEO Ignasi Vilajosana’s session on how smart technologies make safe cities.

In New York, Porto and Singapore, the future has already arrived. Thanks to IoT startup Veniam, these are the first three cities to employ fleets of moving vehicles to weave blankets of Wi-Fi connecting their citizens.

  1. Cybersecurity Scene

More spectacular data breaches are expected in 2018 and beyond, as analysts predict hackers will only get smarter and smarter. Big data security analytics company Exabeam foresees more cybersecurity experts joining boardrooms in the next few years: companies will begin to shift toward a view of security as an asset, even a sales tool, rather than a burden.

Enterprises that rely on Cisco’s cybersecurity solutions to defend their networks will want to learn how SecurView is making them easier and more economical to implement. Its global security services specialize in areas related to data centers, mobility, network identity policy, and segmentation. SecurView’s ISE Deployment Assistant can help you achieve network readiness and assist with deploying DNAC services in your enterprise environment.

  1. Next Horizon Innovation

The leap in AI capabilities will be comparable to the dawn of electricity a century ago, according to Gartner. As with every other industry, AI is permeating cloud computing to help people and machines work together better. In the Big Data universe, Moogsoft’s technology helps ITOps and DevOps teams detect problems faster and fix them before they impact service.

Networks are increasingly expected to provide more services and more complexity at an unstoppable pace and whether you’re an experienced user of Puppet, or entirely new to the idea of DevOps, there’s something to learn in their session.

In Cohesity’s session, learn how leading enterprises are simplifying and consolidating their secondary storage infrastructures with Cisco and Cohesity.

Are you intrigued yet? Gain insights on the innovation shaping Cisco’s strategy and join the fun — did we mention we will be having raffles? — by scheduling your agenda with the Cisco Investments’ Theatre Sessions.


Cisco Investments’ Pavilion Theatre Session Schedule


  • The Future of Security Management
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 4:20 – 4:35pm
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 4:25 – 4:40pm


  • Accelerate Your DNAC Deployment Using IDA
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 4:40 – 4:55pm
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 4:05 – 4:20pm


  • The Challenge of Automation in Hybrid Operations and Service Management
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 1:10 – 1:25pm
  • AIOps for an Integrated View of Infrastructure Availability and Application Performance
    • Thursday, 1st Feb, 12:35 – 12:50m


  • The Private Cloud Your Developers Want: Supporting Modern Applications On-Premises
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 1:30 – 1:45
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 1:50 – 2:05pm


  • Tasks, Desired State Management and Ongoing Validation with Puppet
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 12:50 – 1:05pm
    • Thursday, 1st Feb, 12:55 – 1:10pm


  • Customer Success in the Age of the Customer
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 2:10 – 2:25pm
  • 10 Strategies for Increasing Retention, Driving Upsell & Managing Renewals
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 1:30 – 1:45pm


  • Hyperconverged Secondary Storage, Data Protection and much more
    • Tuesday, 30th Jan, 1:50 – 2:05pm
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 2:10 – 2:25pm


  • The Human Factor as an Asset – Behavioral Biometrics
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 4:45 – 5:00pm
    • Thursday, 1st Feb, 11:05 – 11:20am


  • Using Vehicle Mesh Networks to Upload and Disseminate Data Epidemically
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 12:30 – 12:45pm
  • Maximising the Utility of Vehicles to Make Cities more Liveable
    • Thursday, 1st Feb, 1:35 – 1:50pm


  • What Happens When Every Physical Thing Gets Connected to the Web?
    • Wednesday, 31st Jan, 1:10 – 1:25pm
    • Thursday, 1st Feb, 1:15 – 1:30pm


About the author: Hitesh Saijpal leads the Cisco Investments Portfolio Development team whose primary goal is to deliver differentiated value to the portfolio companies by leveraging Cisco’s business enablement infrastructure. Hitesh is a Cisco veteran and joined Cisco Investments from Cisco’s Software Sales group where he was responsible for Global Software business development.



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